Design of Cloud Networks & Services

This course will help students understand the design and architecture of networks and network services that enable the delivery of business-grade cloud services. Students will understand how virtualized data-center infrastructure lays the groundwork for cloud-based services, automated self-service portals, how to classify cloud services and deployment models, and understand the actors in the cloud ecosystem. Students will review the elements, requirements, challenges, and opportunities associated with network services in the cloud, optimize data centers via network segmentation, virtualization-aware networks, virtual network services, and service overlays, and systematically secure cloud services. Students will learn about the crucial role of organizations such as Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), and the International Standards Organization (ISO) in creating standards. Students will be challenged with cutting edge hands on labs from leading cloud vendors and a major cloud project. Students will also learn about containerization and micro services. This course is appropriate for Computer Science, Engineering and Cyber Security majors. Also cross-listed as CS-412. (3)

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