Elements of Counterterrorism

This course addresses the components of counterterrorism conceptually, such as, anti- terrorism and counter-terrorism, and the roles of components such as those that are political, law enforcement, military, intelligence, and socio-economic. It will introduce the students to counterterrorism measures such as how to respond to terrorist outbreaks in the form of integrated campaigns that incorporate measures such as how to understand the nature of a terrorist adversary, the root causes that might underlie an insurgency, how to map the trajectory into violence, how to counter terrorist groups and lone actors, how to formulate counter violent extremism campaigns (including deradicalization, disengagement, and rehabilitation of terrorists from violence), and how to counter terrorism on the Internet. The course would also present metrics used in formulating measures of campaign effectiveness, campaign end-states, and best practices in how terrorist insurgencies are terminated. Using the case study method, significant terrorism case histories will be analyzed, such as in Northern Ireland, the Israelis and Palestinians, countering al Qaida and ISIS, as well as domestic cases in the United States). Prerequisite: CTR-610. (3)

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