DC/AC Circuits and Analysis

Applications of Kirchhoff laws to multiple source and complex series-parallel circuits. Determinants and matrices. Mesh and nodal analysis. Network Theorems: Thevenin, Norton, superposition, maximum power transfer. Review of complex number manipulation. Application to capacitive and inductive circuits, impedance. Complex Mesh analysis. Network theorems applied to complex RLC networks. Frequency response of RL and RC circuits. Plotting frequency response. Bode plots. Laboratory emphasis on the use of standard test equipment to verify theory. MATLAB Part II: input and output statements, importing data from spreadsheets, text files and other formats into MATLAB, conditional statements, loops, arrays, array functions. Prerequisites: EL-100 Corequisite: Math (MA-114 or MA-114 Placement Test equivalent or MA-261 or MA-261 Placement Test equivalent). (2-2-3)

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