Applied Wireless Network Security

This course provides students with practical, real-world experience with an understanding of wireless fundamentals, wireless network threats, tools to test wireless security, and safeguards. Specifically, this course addresses the most popular hacking, cracking and wireless security network analysis tools and trains students to use them to test and secure wireless networks. Current industry best practices for managing wireless networks in a secure environment are addressed. Students need access to a second computer (for hacking) and will be required to purchase and install wireless network equipment to create a home wireless network for the purpose of conducting experiments on various wireless security vulnerabilities and countermeasures. NOTE: students must have access to a computer network they personally own and can modify. This course prepares students for the Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) Certification. Case studies will be used throughout the course. Students are required to purchase an Alfa wireless adapter and acquire a wireless router. Prerequisite: IAE-675 (3)

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