Principles of Mechatronics

This course will introduce you to Mechatronics as a multidisciplinary engineering discipline that includes electronics, electrical, mechanical, computer systems engineering, together with information technology. Theory lectures will introduce the core components of mechatronic systems: electrical and electronic components and circuits, sensors and actuators. In laboratory work, you will work on putting theory into practice in the context of a challenging project that is at the core of a national design and build competition. This course significantly develops the generic skills of teamwork, planning, leadership, and communication. Conventional lectures will be given on the theoretical aspects of these graduate capabilities. You will then apply these skills in the completion of specific learning activities such as design project, report, testing and prototyping. The dry run testing of the prototype Mechatronics mechanisms will provide an opportunity for you to receive feedback. Prerequisites: EL-150 and MEC-215. (3-0-3)

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