UAS Data Visualization & Present

This course combines the science of data visualization for Unmanned and Autonomous Systems (UAS) with the art of graphic design to help you communicate complex information more accurately and effectively. By transforming UAS data sets into visual graphics—such as charts, bar graphs, scatterplots, and, heatmaps—you can make complex ideas more easily accessible and understandable. Through hands-on exercises, students will explore the many types of data in use today, learn how people perceive different graphical displays, and create visual presentations that make a stronger impact on your audience. Students will learn how to translate simple and complex data into effective visual displays, communicate more precisely by pinpointing the most relevant information, and apply effective methods for analyzing, presenting, and using statistical data. Students will also learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different data visualization approaches and avoid creating misleading representations of data—and being misled by others. Prerequisite: UAS-420. (3-0-3)

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