Big Data Warehousing & Analytic Sys

This course will equip the student with the necessary skills to solve complex problems and design solutions using Big Data. The student will be able to gain an understanding of how to design databases to manage large volumes of data from multiple sources, and how that data can be analyzed and translated into meaningful results. The student will be introduced to the field of Analytics, gain an understanding of Enterprise Data Warehousing models, be introduced to Data Mining techniques and tools used for mining the data warehouse, and build specific Data Marts. The student will be introduced to predictive analysis, and will be expected to develop models to extract data, perform trend analysis, establish patterns, and make projections. Prerequisites: Ability to use Structured Query Language with a basic relational database system; ability to read pseudo code, and understand basic data structures like arrays; and, an understanding of algebra and basic probability and statistics would be helpful, though not required. Prerequisite: DSM-915

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