User Interface for Design & Eval

This course introduces user interfaces for unmanned and autonomous systems through designing, implementing, and evaluating human-computer interfaces of various types. It focuses on the emerging field of human-robot interaction (HRI) which comprises a multitude of disciplines including: robotics, artificial intelligence, human factors, human computer interaction and cognitive psychology. Topics include: Approaches to human-system interactions for unmanned systems including graphical user interfaces, non-visual feedback (haptic, aural, etc.), gesture-based controls, voice-based controls, telepresence, interaction and architectures, programming languages, metrics, social robotics, emotions, frameworks and relations between perception, actuation and HRI. Includes hands-on experience with one or multiple user interface technologies. The theoretical foundation for designing interfaces is complemented by practical classroom exercises and the design and development of a prototype in a team-based setting using previously learned principles. Prerequisite: UAS-502. (3)

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