Data Analysis & Visualization

This course is an introduction to key design principles and techniques for interactively visualizing data. Includes the review, design, planning, analysis and statistical interpretation of data to support unmanned and autonomous applications. The major goals of this course are to understand how visual representations can help in the analysis and understanding of complex data, how to design effective visualizations, and how to create interactive visualizations using modern web-based frameworks. Students will build on statistical theory and learn advanced techniques that can be applied to problem solving, research analysis and numerical interpretation of data. In addition, students will learn basic visualization design and evaluation principles, and learn how to acquire, parse, and analyze large datasets. Students will also learn techniques for visualizing multivariate, temporal, text-based, geospatial, hierarchical, and network/graph-based data. Additionally, students will utilize software tools to prototype many of these techniques on existing datasets. Students must have some previous statistics course or experience. Prerequisite: UAS-520. (3)

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