Safety Mgmt Sys & UAS Cybersecurity

Overview of related unmanned and autonomous safety topics, including current safety issues, the role of federal agencies, accident statistics, causes of accidents, human factors, crew resource management skills, and accident prevention. The course discusses the safety requirements, hazard and risk analysis, failure modes and effect analysis, fault tolerance, basics of hardware and software reliability, levels of integrity, nature of faults and redundancy, and issues of verification, validation and certification. Cybersecurity issues pertinent to computer-based infrastructure, mobile robotics, and the information-driven nature of unmanned and autonomous ventures. Topics include threats, assumptions, assurance, confidentiality, integrity, availability, access control matrix and policies, security models, requirements imposed by policies, protection models, covert channels, formal methods for security, intrusion detection, auditing, and other issues associated with dynamic and vehicular systems. Prerequisite: UAS-502. (3)

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