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Hello everyone. My name is Sasha. I'm 28 years old. And now I will tell you how my dream inadvertently came true... The fact is that my wife Anya (23 years old, height 170, weight 50 kg) is very beautiful, but at the same time just as modest. She has a slim figure, a cute face, a neat mouth and large beautiful gray-green eyes. Thick dark brown hair. Toned ass (Anya regularly trains at home) and small breasts with neat pink papillae. Under the panties, a completely shaved pussy. In general, as you know, I often notice other men looking at her ...

And I like it. I really like it. It all started with the fact that Anya at the age of 18 decided to go try herself in the modeling business. She was willingly taken. Photo shoots are the most common, no nudity. In the photo, it turned out amazing. And one day I wondered, how many men look at these photos and maybe jerk off to her?? This thought aroused my imagination and stuck in my brain to this day. I formed a clear desire for someone other than me to see her naked. Jerking off on her. I'd rip her clothes off, put her on the rack, and fuck her in front of me. And someone else would have made her suck his cock. And roughly. In short, I began to dream that my wife would be made a bitch...

Time passed and I told her about my dreams. (we have a family agreement to talk about everything we want, without fear of running into condemnation). She listened, and to my surprise, reacted quite normally. But she said that she was not ready for this yet. I didn't press her. I thought it would be better to let it down gradually. Maybe there's a small chance that someday she'll want to make my dream come true. Over time, I have raised this topic more than once.

Now she began to treat it in a sense with humor and with irony. We bought a rubber penis that is attached to a smooth surface and often arranged a threesome. The toy was attached to the wall in the bathroom, and Anya, standing cancer, sucked this rubber cock, and I had her from behind. Sometimes Anya sucked my cock, and the rubber one fucked her from behind. I noticed that she began to like this. We bought a bigger penis and had fun with the four of us. Now the story itself: last summer we were visiting friends. My friends live on the other side of town, and we live in the suburbs. It takes about an hour to get there in one direction.

We had a great stay and called a taxi home. Anya was a little tipsy. It is delivered literally from one glass of champagne. The taxi driver is a man of about 50, balding, not tall, with a small stomach. He greeted us kindly and we got into a taxi. It was late, and we were sitting in the backseat. I was sitting by the door on the right, and Anya was sitting next to me, half asleep, leaning on my shoulder. So we drove about 20 minutes. The taxi driver asked me something, and I answered.

Anya was not heard. Then I see that she's asleep. Well, I guess I won't wake her up. Suddenly, I happened to notice that the driver somehow often looks in the rearview mirror. Then we'll take a quick look, then look away. I began to wonder where he was looking... I followed the trajectory of his gaze once again. I didn't immediately understand, but then I realized - he was looking between Anya's legs... I immediately glanced at her legs. It turned out that the legs are not closed, but on the contrary. The driver glanced at her white panties (Anya was wearing a pleated skirt just above her knees that day). She must have finally fallen asleep.

The taxi driver, thank God, did not notice that I followed his gaze. Perhaps I hoped for the darkness in the cabin, or maybe I just got so carried away. To say that I was aroused is not to say anything. I was wildly excited about what was happening. I decided: come what may! Then, slowly, he put his hand on Anya's leg and pushed her legs apart a little more. I looked at the driver, who seemed to notice my manipulations and automatically removed his gaze.

And I waited for him to look at it again. The realization that the taxi driver knows that I deliberately spread Anya's legs gave a new surge of excitement and I went on. Carefully and slowly, I began to pull up her skirt, exposing her beautiful legs and white panties. The driver was no longer shy, looking at my wife, then at the road. I was even a little worried that we would not fly into the ditch (But fortunately everything went well).

I stroked Anna's legs, massaged her pussy through her panties and the driver watched all this. It was very exciting. All the thoughts that this is wild and not right, were left behind. Then I took another step. I gently pushed the fabric of my wife's light blouse from the bottom, exposing Anya's left breast.

Then he began to massage her papilla. I don't know if the taxi driver could see how the papilla swelled, but I felt it and got a new dose of ecstasy. While continuing to massage my wife's pussy, I felt her panties become wet. Then I did not become cautious, and took out my erect penis from my pants. Moving Anya a little away from me, I tilted her head closer to my penis and quietly whispered in my ear: "An, open your mouth."

Oddly enough, Anya obediently opened her neat mouth and I immediately entered it. Slowly moving up and down, Anya sucked my cock... Or rather, I grabbed her by the hair and impaled her on my cock. Down-up. Down-up. At this time, the driver could no longer hide his excitement.

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