Express Checkout Link and Info

When you come to checkout based on your already signed up for check out time (Sign ups found here) please fill out this form online before leaving. You will need to put your key codes on this form so please do it prior to leaving your keys.

The Process when you get to campus:

1. Call the RA on call (301)655-2116 and let them know you are there for your time

2. Move your belongings, check mail, get packages (Call the RA on call for packages if you know you have one, we sent an email alerting anyone that they had a package, if you did not get that email you did not get a package.)

3. Before turning in keys complete the express checkout form found here (Same as link above)

4. Put ALL keys in the envelope with your name on it and seal it.  Then put the envelope in the box at the front desk. DO NOT drop of your keys until you are fully moved out

5. Call the RA on call when you are leaving from moving out so they can tend to your keys (301)655-2116


If you have any more questions about the school's response and communication to Covid-19 please see the main Emergency Response page on MyCapitol.


Please be mindful of social distancing during the time when you are moving and stick within the time frame that you signed up for.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Housing Selection

If you haven’t applied for housing please do so here.


Virtual Housing Selection Information


Housing Selection will take place via Zoom on Wednesday­­­­­­, June 3rd beginning at 9:30am.  Students who applied for housing will receive an email with their sign up time and reporting time and another explanation of each on Thursday 5/28/2020.  Each student MUST READ ALL of the following as it will explain what is expected so they are prepared fully for Wednesday's selection. 


Online Meeting Platform for Housing Selection

Zoom is the online meeting platform we will be using for Returning Student Housing Selection. It allows us several different options that will allow everyone to participate.


  • In a separate email, students will be given their individual Report and Selection Times. In that email, they will also receive a link and tutorial to participate in a Zoom meeting.
  • Students (and any roommates they’re ‘pulling in’) will be admitted into the Zoom meeting at the earliest designated Report Time among them to select their housing.
    • All intended roommates are required to be on this Zoom call or have a Proxy (see below) call in their place.
  • To ensure you are ready for this process, we ask that you ensure your Zoom client if fully functional prior to the day of selection


Housing License

We will be using electronic signatures to complete housing license in lieu of doing so in person during Housing Selection. In order to select your room, you and your roommate(s) must each have your portion of the housing contract signed prior to your Report Time on the 3rd  , it will be emailed to you with all the other forms referenced in this message and your selection time. You will also find it in the waiting room chat when you enter into the Zoom call on the 3rd .  Any student who has not turned in a signed contract will forfeit their Selection Time and be pushed to the next available Selection Time after the submission of their contract.


NOTE: These licenses become binding once you choose a room.  You must turn in a signed license for your room choice to become finalized. You will do this after you select a room, while in zoom a link will be sent to you to complete a fillable PDF (even if you have already turned in a license another way)


It is your responsibility to read the license and know what you are being asked to uphold in terms of deadlines and fees.   There will be Instagram video posts on the Student Life Instagram page @CapTechUStudentLife about the license will begin to go up on May 28th  in stories and highlights (if you don’t have Instagram please consider making an account just to view these videos. You can go to to set that up, you do not need a smartphone).


Proxy Form

If you are unable to participate in your scheduled Report Time, students are allowed to have another student of their choice participate in their place.

  • If you require a proxy the form will be emailed out to you.
  • Once the form is complete, communicate to your proxy your “wish list” of bedrooms/apartments – we will not provide this to your proxy, they need it prior to arriving to the call at your Report Time
  • Then, your proxy will participate in the Zoom meeting at your Report Time, and sign you up for a room during your assigned Selection Time.
  • If you need a proxy but do not have someone to ask please contact


Squatting Form

A full apartment of residents can choose to stay together for the coming year. This is called squatting.  For an apartment to squat they must meet the following:

  • Every resident of the current apartment must retain the same exact room as they are in currently.
    • No resident may be swapped for another
    • Spaces cannot be held for incoming first year students
    • If every resident of the room doesn’t fill out the form by 8am on Wednesday, June 3rd then everyone in the room will have to choose a room through selection.
  • Every resident of the current apartment must fill out the squatting form that will be emailed out with your times.


Live Floor Plan

Students can follow along during Housing Selection by watching live updates on a Floor Plan that will be sent out with the rest of the materials when you get your selection time.

  • Open rooms/beds will have no marking and be open to choose. Rooms that are unavailable or have been claimed will have names
  • This live floor plan is meant to give you real-time information about room availability during Housing Selection.

You should be monitoring this floor plan actively before your Selection Time; if you take longer than your assigned five minutes then you will be pushed back to the next available time at the end of the day.

Rooms Available

Residents will be able to select from:

  • Single in a 2A Apartment $4,131 per semester
  • Single in a 4A Apartment $4,131 per semester
  • Single in a 5A Apartment $4,090 per semester
  • Double in a 5A Apartment $3,545 per semester


Floor plans are attached to the email you are reading this in.


Report & Selection Times

Report Times are scheduled 15-minutes before each student’s Selection Time.

  • For example, if your Selection Time is 11:25 AM, she should call into the Zoom meeting at 11:10 AM.
  • These 15-minutes will allow students to troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues and ensure their (potential) roommates who they may be “calling up” are in the Zoom Meeting as well.
  • Staff will be available during Housing Selection to help students troubleshoot, but Student Life highly recommends that you test the link and familiarize yourself with Zoom prior to your Report Time
  • Missing your report & selection times will push you to the end of the times for the day



A waitlist will be created and emailed to all students who participated in the housing selection. This waitlist is for students who may not have gotten their first choice during the selection process. This group of students will be placed on the waitlist for open spaces in the order of their assigned Selection Times. The waitlist will also be there for anyone who did not participate in housing selection but submitted an application.

  • We understand that students may not have gotten their first choice during housing selection. 
  • We urge students to utilize coping skills to manage their reactions to any disappointing news about Housing Selection.
  • Students will be notified and assigned to a space as soon as one becomes available; there will be an opportunity to share possible roommate preferences should space allow it and to confirm your desire to remain on the waitlist as a part of the waitlist itself
  • You may not be notified until very late in the summer about a new housing assignment if you are waitlisted, you will be emailed your placement as it is when you signed up on the 3rd.



Covid-19 Housing Approval Registry

This is the registry for students who have already registered to remain on campus who would like to extend that registry by being granted approval.

Those students who made the decision to return to campus after Reading Days will receive a refund for 3 weeks of housing, provided they vacate the building by Sunday, April 5. 

Students who intend to remain in the building after April 5 must resubmit a registry to remain on campus. The registry will be considered a request to stay and will be reviewed by a panel of campus staff. Students requesting to stay due to work obligations must provide documentation from a supervisor.  Students requesting to stay because they do not have Internet service at home must provide a letter from a parent or guardian.  Students who live out of state or who have no other place to go do not need to provide documentation.

Approval Registry Form

The form and documentation must be emailed to by April 3.  Requests will receive an approval or denial by Tuesday, April 8.  

For questions please email


Guide to Residence Life

Guide to Residence Life 2019-2020


Please take time to read over the guide to residence life to know all the protocols and policies that come along with life on campus.



Emergency Alert Registration

Capitol has implemented an alert system to notify students of emergencies via text messaging, voice messaging, and email with instructions for responding to the situation. This system will be used in the event of an ongoing emergency and will NOT be used to notify of weather closings or delays.  In order to sign up for this system you must go to resident students copy this code 4525C141287E590A and commuting students copy this code 9C6F46F6AAD8799E and paste it into the box indicated and click submit. After clicking submit you will be prompted to enter your personal information and establish an account for maintaining that information. Should you have questions regarding this system please contact

Thank you for participating in this program.



Housing Information

Housing at Capitol Technology University is an excellent way to be conveniently close to classes and professors, as well as living and learning with other students just like YOU!

The cost of student housing for the current year is available under the business office page on the portal. A housing room reservation fee of $150 is due at the time of the student’s application as well as a $50 security deposit. The Business Office collects housing fees at the beginning of each academic semester during registration.

If space is available, a student may apply for on-campus housing after the semester begins. In such a case, the cost will be prorated.



Housing Eligibility


All degree-seeking continuing and new undergraduate students registered for 12 credits or more are eligible to live in the residence facilities.


Capitol Technology University subscribes to a guaranteed housing policy for those new students who meet the May 1 deadline and for those returning students who meet the April 1 deadline.
There are no accommodations for families.
Single-sex housing is enforced.
Accommodations are made in accordance with federal, state and county law for students with disabilities.






Residence Life Staff

Contact Information   

Spring 2020


Resident Assistants (RA)

On Campus Staff:

Barrett (Barry) Sanders (1st Floor)

Emma Seehousz (2nd Floor)

Sam Schatz (3rd Floor)

Daytrell Teel (4th Floor)





Professional Staff :
Director of Student Life and Residential Services: 240.965.2490
Brandi K McKee
Assistant Director of Residential Services: 240.965.2488


If the water or toilet is unusable, or if the electricity or heat goes off, immediately call the RA on Duty at (301) 655-2116. The RA will contact maintenance immediately.
You can reach Facilities for non emergency situations via email at

Room Assignment Forms

This information serves as a document that can be shared with health officials in case of an emergency.
(.pdf, 103K)
Maryland law requires that an individual enrolled in an institution of higher education in Maryland who resides in on-campus student housing must be vaccinated against meningococcal disease.
(.pdf, 24K)

Living on Campus

Campus Living

Use the zip code 20708 to find a nearby location.
Use the zip code 20708 to find a nearby location.
Use the zip code 20708 to find a nearby location.