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Then he made her cunnilingus Original post: Wed 4/14/2021 at 11:19 AM

My name is Irina, I am 28 years old, I was born in the west of Ukraine in a small town, but now I have moved to Kiev. My story began back in 2012, when I was in the 2nd year at the university. What would you understand, I am 162 tall, and this is very low, but at the same time I have a chest of 2 sizes. I studied at the Faculty of Economics, and that's why most of the group were guys, and then most of them came to get out of the army. The group consisted of only 21 people, where 5 were girls. As in all of them, even in the first year, the group was divided into small subgroups.

Conventionally, we had city, village and translated (appeared on the 2nd course). In the urban subgroup there were 6 people (2 girls and 4 boys), and I was there. We, as our subgroup, always stuck together, covered for each other, helped each other, and everything was just like everyone else. My best friend (she is the 2nd girl from the subgroup) was named Yulia, and the boys were Ilya, Sasha, Alex and Roma. In short, about each of them, Ilya has an influential family and works in parallel with his studies at his father's company, so he always has money. Sasha is a very smart guy, no one has ever seen him learn anything and he always passed everything on 5. Alex or Lex is an avid athlete, very good, but not very fond of learning. Roma is the same comedian from the company, he is also Julia's boyfriend.

And my friend Julia is a very funny and smart girl, but she does not tolerate criticism in her own direction, so we often fight with her. The story goes back to October, when the year was just beginning, but the seminars and practical classes were already beginning. At the end of the week, and it was Friday, we decided to go to the pub and relax after the school week. When we came to the pub, all the guys immediately ordered a cactus vodka, and I and Yulia took a dark beer. We talked a lot and had fun, when suddenly we decided to play truth\action, only the conditions were different, who chooses the truth-drinks a glass of vodka, the guys decided that it would be more fun to play this way. And so the first round, Ilya and all the rest of the first round took the truth, after which Ilya said that it was boring to take only the truth and chose the action. The guys immediately began to smile, starting to come up with something interesting for him to laugh at. And Julia is like: "and it's too weak to take off your pants and sit in your underpants until the end of the game." To which Ilya grinned and took off his pants, folded them neatly and put them next to him. The guys started to take pictures of him and fuck him like crazy.

And Yulia and I blushed a little. After that, the others took the truth, and I decided, to hell with it, and took the action, but immediately warned that I would not shoot anything. Julia smiled, and Sasha said: "And it is weak to go out, go in and squeak that there is a guy in his underpants." I asked him what to do next, and he smiled and said, " Just sit down at the table as if nothing had happened." Well, I left the pub and started walking back when I saw them start filming the whole thing. I was a little confused, but as soon as I crossed the threshold of the pub and saw Ilya, I shouted: "What the hell is the guy here shining with his charms" and sat back down at the table with them. The administrator approaches our table and decided to figure out what's what. We thought we were going to be kicked out, but he was very polite and just told us to play so that we wouldn't disturb the rest of the pub guests. We didn't do anything else like that, just finished the alcohol and went home. In the evening, I went to the shower and washed my face, put on my sleeping clothes and went to bed. With alcohol, I obviously had a little too much and I couldn't sleep for a very long time. The first thing in the morning, as I woke up, I went to Vkontakte and opened the correspondence of our company (it was called 6 riders of the economy, abbreviated six), and there were more than 100 messages about how fun it was in the evening, there were also photos and videos of our game. I sent the photo to Ilya and asked, and if they told me to take off my underpants, would you have the courage? To which he replied, and what does bravery have to do with it? It's rather a need to have more stupidity.

Well, I asked, and he was stupid enough to take them off. To which he replied that only if I took off everything and stayed in my underwear. I laughed it off, but the thought stuck in my head. Since I was soon going to be 20 and I'm still a virgin feast, this is somehow not right. And by a strange coincidence, Julia called me before dinner and said that she was no longer a virgin. I immediately began to ask what and how, how it was, how it came to this, what kind of music it was, and other details that were interesting. Well, we started gossiping about it, she said that they came to Roma's house and started kissing, then he turned on Lana del Rey, but not very loudly, but so that it would not interfere. Put Julia on her back and began to massage her in the process of removing all things and smoothly moving from the back to the ass and buttocks below. Then he made her cunnilingus, then took out the lubricant, lubricated it well and penetrated her, as she said, through the fact that she was very excited and did not even feel pain. I said it all sounded very erotic.

After that, we agreed to meet in the evening to discuss this in more detail. Then I went back to the VK and realized that I wanted to masturbate a little. And I decided to write to Ilya, and what if I send you pictures in underwear, you will send me what you have under your underpants. After I sent the message, I thought about deleting it, but damn it, he read it faster than I could point the mouse at the message. He replied that if he saw me in full-length underwear, he would send a photo of his penis. Well, I took off my sleeping bag and put on a black set of underwear. I even really liked myself in it, and for this I took several photos in different poses. But I decided to send the most modest one. After sending it, Ilya read my message instantly. I expected at least some reaction, but his response was a picture of a standing big cock. I was even more aroused, of course, but I knew it wasn't his cock. That he wouldn't have thrown it off so easily. But I didn't really care, because I was masturbating and that was all I had in my head at the time. After I came, I texted him that it wasn't his cock. Let him take a full-length picture. To which he replied that if I didn't believe it, I didn't have to look. I immediately deleted my photos in my underwear. Until the end of the weekend, we did not correspond at all.

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