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Tips on Using Your Cold Press Juicer Original post: Tue 7/27/2021 at 7:58 PM

Cold press juicers are the newest variety of juicers that have become available in the market to produce a greater and better yield of juice than the ordinary juicers. They use an intelligent technique called slow juicing or masticating to squeeze out maximum juice from the fruits and vegetables leaving behind the pulp that is almost completely dry. Most of the good juicers make it very easy to extract the juice with extra wide feed chutes so that you won’t have to cut most of the fruits and vegetables and easily detachable parts which offer easy cleanup. One of the highest priorities of the manufacturer is to make the appliance as simple and user friendly as possible to motivate the buyers. Even though it is a relatively simple tool to use, there are some tips which you can follow to make juicing more efficient.

Choose the equipment wisely:

Before beginning to juice, you will need the right equipment for the job. Select the best slow juicer from the market. Selecting the best one does not mean you need to select the most expensive one from the lot. It simply means that you need to do proper research, read some reviews before making your pick. Once you have your juicer ready, you need to look at the instruction manual before using it for the first time. Assemble the juicer according to the instructions in the manual if it is not already assembled for you.

Wash the fruits and vegetables:

It may seem like the most obvious thing to do, but many people forget to wash the fruits altogether or are simply too lazy to do so. Always buy the best quality fruits and vegetables making sure they are fresh and organic. When you bring them home, wash them thoroughly with ample clean water and use them while they are still fresh. Cleaning the ingredients properly will ensure that you make use of maximum benefits of the fruits and stay away from food poisoning and other related medical problems.

Assist the juicer:

Although most juicers come with wide feed chutes, you will make the processing much easier and faster by cutting some of the harder or larger fruits and vegetables into convenient sizes. For example you can cut the carrots lengthwise into halves and very large apples also into halves so that they can pass through the feed chute unobstructed.

Include greens:

The most common juices are the ones made from fruits by using ColdPressJuicing techinque but the best thing about a slow juicer is that you can also use many kinds of vegetables also including leafy greens along with fruits to make healthy juices. Green juices are a great option for obese people as helps control their sugar intake, speed up their metabolism and thus help them lose weight. Leafy greens limit the consumption of natural sugars which are present in fruits and are not highly recommended for overweight people.

With all these steps in mind, you are all set for making the most delicious and nutritious juices you have ever tasted.

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