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Marketing Your Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Tucson and AZ There are 1 replies:
Marketing Your Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Tucson and AZ Original post: Wed 11/17/2021 at 12:29 PM


Does your Tucson dispensary have a website? Do you even know if it does? The very concept of a website is an oxymoron to many people, even to law abiding ones. How can you possibly promote your business without even having a website? When was the last time that you purchased anything over the internet? If you haven't then I'd like to assume that you are not aware of how convenient and effective the internet truly can be.

As a lawyer and an entrepreneur who is passionate about educating others about the importance of cannabis to society I am often times asked about my thoughts on creating a website for my own dispensary. It strikes me as an odd way of promoting something when there are so many other ways in which you can market your business. With the current state of marijuana being illegal and our country being more liberalized than ever before; why would you promote your new Denver Dispensary using the internet?

One of the main reasons that I don't believe in creating a website is the fact that I do not think that it will do anything to help the growth of my business. If my business is growing at a rate that is faster than any other industry in the US and cannabis is becoming more mainstream every day; why would I want to spend all my time writing to and attempting to convince people that I should be allowed to legally sell cannabis in Colorado? Why would I want to spend thousands of dollars a year on newspaper ads and trying to convince people to come to my Denver Dispensary instead of my competitor? I feel that the market is already flooded with my products so why would I spend even more money trying to make my website known instead of driving my marketing efforts towards my target market and customers.

One way that I have seen websites beneficial to a business is that they give you a venue where you can actually interact with your clients and customers. Many times when I am traveling around and doing prospecting for new clients, I find that I am meeting people at hotel rooms or coffee shops or at the local malls and I get very little actual face-to-face time with any of these people. When I meet my new clients in person, I can tell a lot about who they are, what they like, and what their goals and ambitions are.

The last reason that I do not believe that it is a good idea to focus your energy and time building a website for your medical marijuana dispensary in Tucson, Arizona is because I see very few tangible results from this type of promotion. The only real result that I have seen is that my website traffic has increased slightly; but this increase in website traffic has come from searches which have been done on Google instead of Yahoo or MSN. I suspect that if I were to advertise my website using these methods, I would only see an increase in website visitors to my website, which would not translate into an increase in customer service revenue. This is just one of the many reasons that I do not promote my website using these online advertising methods.

As you can see, it is really not in the best interests of a marijuana dispensary in Tucson to make any kind of grandiose claims about the amount of customers or clientele that they may have. If you are concerned about such matters, then perhaps you should do a little more research into the demographics of the Tucson/AZ area and take a look at some of the population trends for that area. You will be surprised to know what your Tucson Marijuana Dispensaries numbers might be. Good luck and happy searching!

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