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Railway applications Fixed Installation Requirement Info Original post: Sat 7/24/2021 at 7:55 AM

This European Standard covers overhead contact lines for electric traction in heavy and light railways as well as trolley buses and industrial railways owned by public and private operators. This standard is applicable to both new overhead contact system installations and the reconstruction of existing overhead line systems such as EN 50119:2020 Railway applications - Fixed installations - Electric traction overhead contact lines for example.

This standard includes the requirements and testing for the design and construction of overhead contact lines, the requirements for structures and their structural calculations as well as verifications and requirements for designing individual parts and assemblies.
This standard does NOT require conductor rail systems that are adjacent to running rails.

CENELEC approved the European Standard on 2009-04-01. CENELEC members must comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations, which specify the conditions that this European Standard can be given the status of a national norm without alteration. You can request the Central Secretariat, or any CENELEC member for up-to-date lists of such national standards and bibliographical references. The European Standard is available in three official versions: English, French, and German. Versions in any other language that have been translated into their own language by a CENELEC member and notified
The Central Secretariat enjoys the same status and rights as the official versions.

This European Standard was prepared and approved by SC 9XC (Electric supply and earthing system for public transport equipment and other ancillary apparatus (Fixed installation), Technical Committee CENELEC CTC 9X, Electrical & electronic applications for railways. CENELEC approved the text of the draft and it was officially submitted for formal voting. It was then published as EN 50119 on the 1st of April 2009. This European Standard replaces EN 50119:2001. EN 50641:2020 Railway applications-Fixed installations-Requirements for the validation of simulation tools used for the design of electric traction power supply systems are also available thorugh that link

These dates were set:
- The latest date that the EN must be implemented
Publish an identical document at the national level
National standard or endorsement (dop), 2010-04-01
- The latest date at which national standards are in conflict
With the EN must be withdrawn (dow).
For your convenience, references to definitions in IEC 60050-811 Clause 3 are provided in certain cases.
The current definition may be updated or modified.

National Standards for EN 50119 Implementation
The National Standards for EN 50119 will contain the entire text of the Eurocode (including any Annexes), as published in CENELEC. This may include a National Title Page and National Foreword and may also be followed by a National Annex. If included, a National Annex may contain information about parameters or statements from EN 50119 that are not normative.

? Values that have alternative values or informational values are not included in the standard.
? Country specific data (e.g. Geographical, climatic, and other data. (e.g. Limits on temperature or ice loads
? The procedure to be used when alternative procedures are not provided in the standard.
It could also contain
What? Decisions on the use informative annexes
? ?
The provisions of the European Standard shall not be altered by the National Annex

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