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The legal component is important here in order to collect taxes, determine the ownership of movable property and check the car in the context of participation in crimes. Technical - to facilitate car service. For example, the car was stolen, so the owner went to the police. It is clear that the criminal does not need to change or falsify the license plate, but it will not work to do the same with the VIN because of its uniqueness. The absence of a plate and its duplicate inscriptions on the body gives the law enforcement bodies the right to suspect that the car is stolen.

An attempt to change a number or letter will not work, because the color, body type or brand according to the forged number may correspond to another car or be completely absent from nature. By VIN check you can indirectly determine whether the car has been in an accident. Automakers often code even options such as parking sensors, rain sensors or headlight washers. Their actual absence in the purchased copy, if present in the coding, indicates the replacement of the body kit or body elements.

Service stations actively use VIN when selecting or ordering spare parts and components. In practice, situations often arose when the spare parts corresponding to the code did not fit in fact. Later it turned out that this instance had undergone profound changes, and the owner, as a rule, was not the first, had no idea about this. Even when installing LPG equipment, in some cases it is required to check the VIN code. For example, when personalized equipment or a gas cylinder unit for "liquid injection" (LqPi) is installed, where the gas firmware corresponds to a specific vehicle modification.


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