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Diophant - one of the founders of algebra Original post: Wed 10/20/2021 at 7:19 AM

Diophant - one of the founders of algebra

The Greek mathematicians before the beginning of our era devoted themselves to geometry. They even tackled arithmetic problems with geometric means - geometry homework help . At the end of antiquity, we met Diophant for the first time, a mathematician connected with algebra, and he can be regarded as one of the founders of this discipline. His main work is the "Arithmetica"; it probably consisted of 13 books, six of which have survived.

Diophant takes on a lot of the procedures (even tasks) from the Babylonian mathematicians - , but he arranges and complements them so that his works have also been a basis for their studies for important mathematicians for centuries.

Diophant's goal is to show how to set up equations for problems and how to solve these problems with their help. He gives some procedural rules, so z. B. some that we use today as a method of equivalent transformations (such as subtracting the same number on both sides of the equation) and thus creates approaches to a solution calculus - . In general, however, he restricts himself to example tasks and solutions, and often to quite complicated problems that already have the character of thinking tasks. In all of this, Diophant demonstrates a virtuoso computing technique, and it often remains hidden from the reader what prompted him to adopt this or that method.

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