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What Is Karton Box And How Can I Use It For Sales? There are 0 replies:
What Is Karton Box And How Can I Use It For Sales? Original post: Wed 5/25/2022 at 10:05 PM

 How to pack products are ways to draw more customers, while creating the impression of confidence and trust for customers. Each business owner will cautiously choose the materials and methods for packaging the items being offered, while ensuring the safety of their customers and a pleasing appearance. One of the packagings that is most often used by business actors is Karton boxes of different sizes. It is durable and the choice of various sizes is the most important factor when it comes to using cardboard boxes as packaging for selling their products.

The cardboard box material is also sturdy enough to ensure it's safe for both deliveries of any length, from short-term to longer-term. Because of the different types of sizes and materials, businesses need be aware of the material and dimensions of boxes made from cardboard that best match the kind of product to be packaged as well as the duration of the delivery time.

To ensure the quality and condition of the items that reach the consumer in a timely manner, the selection of the kind of packaging box is crucial in the present, particularly for those who run shops in online markets in which delivery of the goods is carried out outside the city. Three things that must be considered when choosing the type of karton box for packaging products are as follows.

Pay attention to the type/type of the item

Cardboard boxes have a special role to place goods properly and securely before they are shipped, so, prior to selecting the kind of product and dimensions, be aware of the kind of items to be packaged. The material and the size in the carton plays its own significance. The simplest example is choosing the most robust cardboard box for fragile items. The top cardboard box recommendations are:

Duplex is a material with gray and white sides and is typically utilized as a custom-made cardboard box material. This box material is known to be very thin and is extensively used for cake or catering packaging, with a weight between 250 to 400 grams.

Ivory is a second-favorite ingredient for food or cakes in particular because it's been tested for food quality. Ivory is a gorgeous and elegant combination of art carton and matte papers. The surface of this material has a glossy surface while the opposite side has a matte finish. Ivory material is also stronger and is not restricted to food items.

Art Paper is a cardboard box material that contains oil and water, to make it more resistant to ink to water. Art paper is not easily torn, folded or damaged, so it is more safe for packing. Display Art paper always has a lux and vibrant appearance. The cardboard box can also be added by laminating doff and shiny to UV. The dimensions of the products that fit for this cardboard box ranges from 150 grams to 400 grams. With the quality, the price of the white cardboard box will be slightly higher.

Corrugated Box Corrugated Box is one of the most suitable material for products that are large and fragile. It is durable due to its multiple layers of corrugated Kraft paper, which makes the cardboard box resistant to being damaged. The majority of this material is also paired with duplex that is printed in full color to ensure that it looks more beautiful. There are three types of corrugated box materials, including single wall, double wall and triple wall. The cost of this material will vary based on the thickness.

Kraft is a box made of cardboard material, which is typically brown due to the fact that it is composed of wood fiber and recycled papers. This kraft paper box is highly versatile because it's appropriate for a variety of goods and types of packaging. Kraft material has two choices that are brown and white kraft which are distinguished by the color of the outer layer of this Kraft material.

Yellow board is a cardboard box that must be coated with other kinds of paper to ensure that the display will be more vivid. The benefit of this board material is that it is more sturdy, that's the reason it is extensively utilized as a wrapper for glasses, phones, rings and others. Yellow board is sold according to thickness with the option of YB 25 as well as YB 40. The higher cost is in line with the quality and thickness of this material.

Size of the cardboard box

When determining the kind of item, pay attention to the size of the cardboard box. Use the dimensions of the item before choosing the dimensions of the cardboard, so that it can fit when packed. Don't go too large or too small, so that the goods are safer when they are packaged. If you are able to, get a special cardboard box according to the size and kind of merchandise being sold. The cardboard size that doesn't fit will actually complicate the safe packaging process. For larger quantities, business actors can place orders specifically as required at the closest pabrik karton box.

It is essential to have a clear label

Selecting a cardboard box that doesn't have an image or pattern is not a problem as provided that there is an obvious label. Alongside the seller's name, there must also be a statement "Do do not mix" and "Easy to break materials" to ensure that the delivery process is more secure, particularly for deliveries that are long distance or ones that require more than one day.

There are many pabrik kardus or cardboard boxes available in different locations that business professionals can make use of to make orders for specific cardboard boxes. The type and size of the products that are sold. Special orders can be created by adding the desired label. Many manufacturers of boxes will accept special orders that include the choice of materials and castings the customer wants. Spending additional costs is not an issue since the products are guaranteed to be high-quality by using the best materials.

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