Résumé Building Guidelines

Employers give résumés about a six-second review.  Does your résumé get you noticed? Are you getting calls from employers?  If not your résumé may need improvement.


Your résumé is a “working” document so it will change as you move through your career. You should be building on to it and revising it as you accomplish relevant tasks but reviewed at least once a year to keep it up-to-date. Want to get the latest information? Click here Click here

Career Services Series: Guidance for College Students Seeking Employment During COVID-19

By Connie Harrington, Associate Director of Career Development & Employer Relations 

Last week in Part 3 of the Career Services Series: Guidance for College Students Seeking Employment During COVID-19, we addressed how to network virtually and effectively utilize your professional brand to interact with employers.  In Part 2 of the series we covered professional job search materials and how you communicate your message as part of developing your professional brand. One of the basic components of professional branding is the resume.  Part 1 of the series covered the importance of a good resume format as the key to getting your resume noticed.  Part 4  the last segment of our series, will cover virtual interviewing techniques.  


How to Standout To Hiring Managers During Covid-19

What to Do After You Apply for a Job Online