Rocketry club is  focusing on inspiring students to pursue aerospace-oriented hobbies and careers through hands-on experience. We welcome all from the Capitol  community to experience launch events with us.

Club Email: capitolrocketryclub@gmail.com





What do we do?

Rocketry Club is where you design, build, and launch model Rockets in a safe and learning Environment. This club is not just for AE major students, but everyone at Capitol Technology University can join. There are many projects that you can join such as sounding rockets, model rocket competition at NASA, guidance system, and much more. This is the club where you can put what you've learned in class to real life application.

Current Officers and Advisors

Advisor: Dr. Alex Antunes
President: Anh Ho and Alex Petrov
Vice President: Benjamin Serano
 Secrectary: Ben Serano
Safety Captain: Nicholas Padgett
Safety Officers: Nicholas Padgett,  Daniel Steele, Colin Loveless
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