Welcome, To Summoners Rift!

Have you traversed the Rift? Are you ready to join fellow summoners in the climb to the top of the Elo ladder? Than look no further than the CapTechU League of Legends Club! We are a group of students who enjoy the #1 MOBA worldwide and wish to bring those who enjoy it together to enjoy it with us. LAN parties, “Ranked Nights”, ARAM Parties, Improvement Partners, meetings to discuss changes (and enjoy some pizza of course), Group Skype calls, and more. We take this professionally played eSport and bring its best qualities to the LoL Club. This is a place to bring those of us who have been stuck in “YoloQ” to a place where they’ll find the game (and campus life) more enjoyable! In the future, we hope to enter the collegiate league to represent our college nationally. Together, we will strive to attain our personal in-game goals, and have fun as a group of geeks doing what we do best!

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