General Information

The Capitol Technology University Robotics Club, is a university level robotics organization, which allows the students of Capitol to learn more about the field of robotics and the associated electronics. They get the opportunity to design, build, repair, program, and test robots for competitions and other autonomous functions.

Purpose & Expectations

The purpose of this club is to provide hands-on experience to the students here at Capitol Technology University and help them apply concepts and information learned in class to a real-world application.  It is the hope that the club will help the students learn more about engineering, how various parts and systems work together, how to manage time and money, and learn more about the engineering process and keeping an engineering handbook.


Robotics Lab Hours

Robotics Lab is located in the Juniors/Seniors Electronic Lab (B123). The lab is open when the Electronics lab is open except on Fridays during meetings, then it will be open until everyone leaves.

 Lab Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 10 AM to 10 PM

Friday: 10 AM to 4 PM (or when everyone leaves after the meeting)

Saturday: 10 AM to 4 PM 

All cabinets are locked in the Robotics Lab. If you need to open a cabinet for parts, contact @Secretary on the Discord chat.

Contact Information

Contact us at if you would like to join the club and fill out this Google Forms:

On-going Projects


Our main focus of the Robotics Club is on competing in the VEX U 2018-2019 Turning Point.

We are building two robots, one to flip tops and place them on poles around the field and will claim the center platform in the end of the game, the other will shoot balls at flags.


Here are the links for the VEX reveal, VEX rules, and the VEX U specific rules

For more information, message Juan the Vex Lead!


R2D2 is the mascot of our club. He can be remotely controlled from anywhere on campus to go anywhere on campus.

We are focusing on upgrading R2D2 by adding a speaker and microphone, to talk to people around campus, and by adding LEDs.

For more information, message Jacob the President!

-----------------------------Golf Cart-----------------------------

Last year, maintenance gave us their broken golf cart for us to tinker with. The golf cart had one popped tire and dead batteries. We were able to replace the broken tire it had and “fix” the batteries.

This year, we are going to test if the batteries work and to upgrade it to have sensors so that it can shuttle students from the dorms to the buildings on campus.

For more information, message Jacob the President!



Interested in any of these projects? Want to join Capitol Robotics? Contact us at and fill out this form to join!


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