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One of the primary reasons for going to college is the opportunity to acquire the advanced knowledge and skills that allow graduates to pursue a career in a professional field. However, college is also a time for forging new friendships, exploring new interests and enjoying personal growth. For these reasons and others, you should consider joining clubs in college.

With many different types of school clubs, you’re sure to find one that suits your interests. From social groups to pre-professional organizations to cultural clubs, you’ll likely have a wide array of student organizations to choose. If you’re asking yourself, How many clubs should I join in college? there is no universal rule — do what works best for you and your schedule.

1. Joining a Club Can Allow You to Make New Friends

2. School Clubs Can Build Your Social Support Network

3. Clubs in College May Lower Your Stress Levels

4. Improve Your Interpersonal and Communication Skills in School Clubs

5. School Clubs Can Expand Your Professional Networking Opportunities

6. Extracurricular Activities Can Enhance Your Resume

7. It’s Important to Take a Break Now and Then