The following rates are in effect for the 2019-20 academic year (fall 2019 through summer 2020).

Tuition rates are subject to change without notice.

Full-time/Part-time tuition

Full-time Tuition (12-18 credits)
$12,662 per semester, plus fees

Full-time Tuition (in excess of 18 credits in one semester)
$12,662 per semester
+$1,056 per credit in excess of 18 credits, plus fees

Part-time Tuition (1-11 credits)

$833 per credit, plus fees

Audited Course Tuition

$833 per credit, plus fees
Anytime Online Tuition - Standard Rate **
$450 per credit, plus fees
Anytime Online Tuition - Partnership Rate **
$350 per credit, plus fees

Active Duty Military Tuition **
Tuition $250 per credit, plus fees (additional discounts and scholarships do not apply)

**eligibility for this rate requires acceptance into an anytime online program; additional discounts or scholarships do not apply



Application - $25
Online application - free
Processing fee for international students - $75

Student Services

Part-time commuter (1-11 credits) - $13
Full-time commuter (12+ credits) - $57
Resident students - $123

Academic Services

Information technology fees

Part-time (1-11 credits) - $19 per credit
Full-time (12+ credits) - $369 per semester
International student fee - $769 per semester
Lab fees
Lab Fee - Level 1 - $25
Lab Fee - Level 2 - $50
Lab Fee - Level 3 - $75
Lab Fee - Level 4 - $100
Lab Fee - Level 5 - $500
Lab Fee for UAS-120 $500

Transcripts (each) - $10


Late registration for continuing students - $40
Drop/add (each form) - $10
Deferred payment plan - $30
Late payment fee - $25
Returned check - $40
Check stop payment request - $40

Graduation (nonrefundable)

AAS degree programs - $75
BS degree programs - $150
Charge for additional degree conferred at same time - $75

Validation exam - $500


Obligation for Payment
You are obligated to pay tuition according to the provisions of the refund schedule. If you fail to make a payment to the university when it is due, you may be prohibited from classes or examinations; or your diploma, certificate or transcript may be withheld. Outstanding accounts will be sent to collections.

Undergraduate students have the following options to pay tuition:

  • Full payment at time of registration
  • Deferred payment plan
    The university offers a deferred payment plan for students who are unable to pay their tuition balance in full at registration. The deferred payment plan allows you to pay your tuition in three installments for semester-long courses: one-third at registration, one-third on or before the end of the fourth week of classes, and one-third on or before the end of the eighth week. If you're taking 8-week classes, you may also pay your tuition in three installments: one-third at registration, one-third on or before the second week of classes, and one-third on or before the sixth week of classes. The deferred payment plan costs $30, which is due with the first installment.
  • Financial Aid
  • VA Benefits
  • Employer sponsorship


Deferred payment plan for semester students
Registration 1/3 of tuition due
4th week of class 1/3 of tuition due
8th week of classes 1/3 of tuition due


Deferred payment plan for 8-week term students
Registration 1/3 of tuition due
2nd week of class 1/3 of tuition due
6th week of classes 1/3 of tuition due

Methods of Payment
You can make payments to the Business Office online, through the mail, by phone or in person. If your company wants to be billed directly, it is your responsibility to contact the Business Office. The Business Office accepts military tuition assistance, cash, personal checks, money orders, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  Make any checks payable to Capitol Technology University and mail it to the attention of the Business Office. You can make credit card payments online or by phone. The university also offers automatic credit card billing.  

Financial Aid Recipients

If you receive financial aid, you must pay at least one-third of the remaining balance at registration.

Veterans' Benefits
Capitol Technology University is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs for the use of veterans education benefits. The college is approved for a variety of VA programs. The Office of Registration and Records can help you explore your VA benefit options.

Employer-sponsored Students
If you are sponsored by your employer, you must include authorization forms with your registration, and the university will bill the employer directly.


If you are reimbursed directly from your employer, then you must pay your tuition in full or enroll in a deferred payment plan. The cost of the deferred payment plan is $30.