When is my tuition due?

Your tuition is due in full when you register. A deferred payment plan is available if you are unable to pay your tuition at registration. Deferred payments are divided into three installments; there is a $30 fee, which will be included in the first installment. Refer to the academic calendar for the due dates.


When will I receive a student bill?

Bills are sent before the start of each semester or term. You will be billed throughout the semester according to your payment arrangements. You will be charged a $25 late fee if you fail to make a payment on time.


How can I make a payment on my account?

Payments may be made to the Business Office online, through the mail, by phone or in person. We accept cash, checks, money orders, and Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards. Make any checks payable to Capitol Technology University and mail it to the attention of the Business Office. You can make credit card payments online or by phone. The college also offers automatic credit card billing.


We are unable to process online credit card payments for students without a United States zip code at this time. We are still able to accept international credit card payments by phone. We offer two additional payment options for International students, payment via Paypal or Wire Transfer. Paypal payments can be made here: Please contact for wire instructions. Please note that there is an additional $60.00 per wire fee associated with international wire transfers.


What if my employer will pay for my tuition?

If your employer pays your tuition in full, you will need to submit a tuition authorization form from your employer, enabling us to bill them directly. This authorization may be a letter of credit, purchase order, or a federal DD Form 1556 for goverment agencies.

If your employer offers tuition reimbursement, tuition payments would be your obligation. Once you have paid your full tuition, we would give you a copy of your account statement, which you would submit to your employer.


When is the last day I can drop a class and get a full refund?

The first day of classes is the last day to drop and still receive a full refund. If you anticipate a schedule change, make it prior to your start date.


If I drop a class, what will my financial obligations be?

For an eight-week course, you must drop any courses before the first day of class to receive a 100 percent refund. After the first class, you will receive only a 75 percent refund. Dropping during the second week, you'll get a 50 percent refund; and during the third week, 25 percent. After the third week, no refund will be granted, and you will be responsible for the entire tuition.

For a 16-week course, you must drop any courses before the first day of class to receive a 100 percent refund. You will receive 75 percent within the first two weeks of the semester. Dropping during the third week, you will be refunded 50 percent. The fourth week, you will be granted a 25 percent refund. After the fourth week, you will be responsible for the entire tuition.


When will my financial aid be applied to my account?

If you are notified that your loans have been disbursed from your lender, that does not mean that we have received the funds. It may take up to two weeks for the lender to actually transfer the funds to the college. We post the loans as soon as they are received. You may ask the Office of Financial Aid for your loan disbursement dates.

Grants from the state of Maryland State or the District of Columbia are usually received about 12 weeks after the start of the semester.

All other finanical aid (Pell grants, SEOG, Perkins loans, etc.) is disbursed during the eighth week of the semester. Refer to the academic calendar for the specific dates of disbursement.

What is the tuition cap program?

Capitol Technology University offers a tuition cap for full-time undergraduate students. All full-time students who keep their student account current are promised their tuition will not increase more than 1% per year for four years

To remain eligible for the tuition cap rate, you must adhere to the following terms:

  • maintain continuous full-time enrollment during the academic year (minimum 12 credits per semester)
  • keep all financial accounts up to date (Consult the academic calendar for due dates.)
  • remain in good academic standing

Contact the Office of Admissions for more details.


When are student refunds disbursed?

Refunds are generated based on credit balances. A refund check is cut on the following Wednesday after the awards are received. Checks are released after approval from the Office of Financial Aid and may take up to two days to release.