An important part of our mission at Capitol Technology University is to prepare you for professional opportunities in engineering, information sciences, and business.

We take your future success very seriously.

In fact, we’re so sure you'll get a job offer within 90 days of commencement, we offer something no other colleges dare — a job guarantee.

That’s right. Capitol Technology University is sure that if you graduate with a qualified bachelor’s degree, you’ll find a position in engineering, engineering technology, computer sciences, information technology, or business within 90 days of graduation. If you don’t, Capitol will provide up to 36 additional undergraduate credits — tuition-free — while you continue your job search. 

How can we be so sure you'll get a job offer? Just take a look at our placement record! Last year, of the graduates who reported their employment data, 80 percent of our students had a job offer (or chose to go on to graduate school) within 90 days of commencement at competitive national salaries.

Many schools tell you that they prepare students for success. But, how many are willing to back it up with a commitment? Only Capitol Technology University.