All corporate, endowed and foundation scholarship applications will be available from February 26, 2024 - March 31, 2024.

The Corporation, Endowed, and Foundation Scholarships are a  part of the Capitol Technology University Scholarship Program. These scholarships represent an academic honor, entitling you to participate in networking events that help you to develop valuable industry bonds. Students currently receiving renewable scholarship support from Capitol Technology University may not experience an increase in their award.
Corporation, Endowed, and Foundation Scholarship Application

Funds for this scholarship have been made available through an endowment created by Homer and Martha Gudelsky in memory of their son, Avrum. This scholarship recognizes and encourages academic excellence among outstanding seniors who are pursuing a bachelor of science degree. It is the highest academic honor the univeristy confers.
Avrum Gudelsky Memorial Scholarship Application

This scholarship was endowed by the Johnson family and William O. Hider, in memory of Brigadier General Harold R. “Johnny” Johnson and his wife, Maria Baciu Johnson.


Brigadier General Harold R. “Johnny” Johnson and Maria Baciu Johnson Scholarship Application