Conferral of Degrees and Diploma Distribution

The university confers degrees three times each year. Summer degrees are conferred in late August, fall degrees are conferred in late December and spring conferral dates coincide with the Spring university commencement ceremony. Diplomas for conferred students with no holds on their accounts from the Business Office and/or Financial Aid will typically be shipped within 8 weeks of the end of the semester for summer and fall graduates and within 8 weeks of commencement for spring graduates. 
Spring graduate diplomas are not distributed on campus following commencement - ALL diplomas will be mailed.
Student account balances (including graduation fees) must be paid and all financial aid obligations must be met before diplomas can be mailed. Please inform the Office of Registration and Records of any changes to your diploma mailing address as soon as possible.

Application for Graduation

It is recommended that you apply for graduation no later than one semester before your expected graduation date. It is strongly recommended that you apply for graduation once you meet the following criteria:
  • Associate: Upon earning 45+ credits
  • Bachelor:  Upon earning 90+ credits
  • Master: Upon earning 24+ credits.
  • Doctoral: Required prior to requesting to defend your dissertation.

Application Deadlines:

January 4th for spring and summer graduates

August 31st for fall graduates


Once your application has been received by the Office of Registration and Records, your official degree audit will be completed indicating the classes still needed in order to graduate. A student will only be considered a degree candidate when the above procedures are complete. If you change your plans for graduation, please notify the Office of Registration and Records in writing as soon as possible. 

Graduation Fees

You must pay your graduation fee before you can receive your diploma or official transcript verifying the completion of your degree. The graduation fee is mandatory, non-refundable, one-time (per degree) fee for all graduating students regardless of the student's participation in the commencement ceremony.

Associate's Degree: $75
Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degree: $150
Two Bachelor's Degrees (double degree): $225
You can make payments to the Business Office online by phone or in person. The Business Office accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Credit card payments can be made online or by phone.
1. Over the Phone 
Manager of Student Accounts: (301) 369-2318 or (301) 369-2319
2. Online
To make a payment online, follow the instructions below:

Graduation Requirements

After applying for graduation, you must satisfy the following requirements in order to graduate:

1. Complete your degree. All graduates must successfully complete the course requirements of their chosen degree. Refer to the course catalog from your entry year for degree requirements and other academic obligations. Course catalogs can be found here: University Catalogs

2. Settle your financial accounts. Before receiving a diploma, each student must fulfill all financial responsibilities. Contact the offices below before applying for graduation to ensure that you have no outstanding obligations to the university:

    • Business Office ( 301-369-2319/301-369-2318
    • Financial Aid ( - 301-369-2324 or 301-369-2320
    • Residence Life ( - 240-965-2493
In addition, all students are obligated to complete the following tasks before receiving a diploma and/or official transcripts:
  1. Complete the online exit interview with Financial Aid (financial aid recipients only).
  2. Complete your Graduating Student Survey:
    Undergraduate Survey Link

    Master's Survey Link

    Doctoral Survey Link

Failure to complete these tasks will exclude you from participating in the graduation ceremony.